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Audible Tapestries

About the project

Audible Tapestries is a research and development project with a focus on finding new ways to combine sound with physical 'woven' artefacts to create audible tapestries. 

Our creative ecology is rooted in the collective thinking of Somali nomadic life and the creativity at its heart. In the last few decades, Somali nomadic life has become endangered due to environmental collapse which is fueled by extractive capitalism that benefits the global north.

We want to learn sustainable weaving methods in order to maintain the endangered traditions of Somali nomadic life. Additionally, we will source sustainable materials that are available locally which will be used during the tapestry making process. We are aware of the high levels of carbon emissions associated with the textile industry and would like to approach it with the mindset of preemptively reducing or eliminating our carbon footprint.

This project will be tying together our ongoing work in storytelling, soundscapes and combining it with Somali weaving practises.

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